Water damage can result from many different causes: busted cold/hot water pipes; refrigerator or dishwasher leaks; broken water heaters; garbage disposal leaks; clogged a/c line; overflowing plumbing or sewer line; sewer line breaks or backups; washing machine leaks; roof or window leaks; fire sprinklers; water damage from heavy rains/tornado/hurricane.

Here at Wilson Law Offices, we take the stress out of the claims process. By having worked for insurance companies in the past, we have had an opportunity to see how they function. Because of this, no detail will be left out of the insurance claim report in order to insure that you have the best possible claim outcome. Wilson Law Offices will coordinate all procedures with you and create the necessary damage estimates and paperwork on your behalf. We will then use all of our resources to negotiate for you when the time comes to settle and maximize your claim.

Here at Wilson Law Offices, we know how much you value your home, condo, building or business. We know it’s more than just four walls; it’s your castle, and biggest investment. Wilson Law Offices will ensure a complete and thorough inspection in order to create a completely itemized claim report of all your damaged property. Our goal is to get you the maximum settlement from your insurance claim.

Immediate steps to take if you have a water damage claim:
1. Dry up the water and/or dry out your home. Do your best to prevent further damage. You may need to call a plumber to stop any leaks or a water remediation company.
2. Take photos of EVERYTHING before you touch ANYTHING! Don’t begin any major clean-up effort until the photos have been taken and properly saved.
3. Make ONLY temporary repairs to your home to prevent further damage. Stop all leaks, sut off the main water valve, patch broken pipes, don’t use the water, etc..
4. Save all broken pipes, broken appliances, water filtration equipment, water lines or any other evidence of damage that was caused by the leak.
5. Save all of your paid invoices, receippts, and make sure you create a log of every phone call associated with your damage claim. Keep all emails and letters associated with the claim.

Big mistakes that will cost you in an insurance claim:
1. Don’t do any repair work that isn’t temporary. Do only emergency repairs.
2. Don’t hire contractors, roofers, etc., or sign any construction contracts until you know how much money you will get from your claim, and make sure to get it in writing.
3. Don’t throw away proof of your damage. Don’t remove ceilings, walls, flooring, or throw away damaged personal property. Take pictures of, or save, any broken pipes, carpet squares, flooring tile, wood samples, or any other damaged articles.
4. Don’t give away your only copy of property damage photos. Make sure to save all photos and make a back-up when possible.
5. Don’t lose any receipts from the repairs.

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